Hamish McHamish dead: St Andrew's town cat passes away after battling chest infection

Tributes pour in for remarkable cat after he passes away aged 15

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The St Andrew’s town cat Hamish McHamish has passed away. The ginger cat was 15 years old and died after battling a chest infection. Hamish’s Facebook page broke the news, posting that he passed: “Peacefully, and with his Mum Marianne by his side” early on Thursday morning.

“In the end, the chest infection that he had been battling proved too much for him and the kindest thing to do was to let him go.” the administrator posted.

“Thank you Hamish for the years of joy you’ve given us and for letting us all be part of your life. May your remarkable spirit live on forever in the town you loved...and ruled! Here’s to you, old chum.”

Despite belonging to Marianne Baird, Mr McHamish adopted a nomadic life. He was indeed a remarkable cat who stalked the auld grey toon of St Andrews with majesty and pride. He had many homes, from student flats to shop windows. His ginger fur could be witnessed on coats across the town with many visitors, students and residents stopping to give the tom cat a cuddle.

Hamish McHamish, St Andrews' town cat, going for a stroll

Mr McHamish was so well-loved by the town that in the end Mrs Baird was forced to get replacement pets to keep her company. Mr McHamish was just never home. In true St Andrews style, he was out networking across the town. He had his own ‘Hamish recommends’ section in Waterstones, which was stocked with everything from fish cookbooks to cat-based tales and often slept in the sun in the South Street estate agents. This year also saw the publication of his fantastic 'biography' -Hamish McHamish, Cool Cat About Town, by Susan McMullan.

Although this news will be heartbreaking for the thousands of St Andrews students who often had a cuddle with Hamish in times of exam stress or whilst feeling homesick, he will not be forgotten.

The residents of St Andrews raised £5,000 for a bronze statue of Hamish to be erected earlier this year. The statue unveiled by Provost of Fife, Jim Leishman, stands in the town's Church Square and has been compared to Edinburgh's Greyfriars Bobby dog. It was realised after editor of the St Andrews' Focus, Flora Selwyn, launched a bid to raise funds in 2013.

RIP Hamish McHamish 1999-2014. St Andrews loved you.