Hit & Run: Not an heir out of place

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As a couple, Brangelina are worth far, far more than the sum of their parts. So what do you get when you factor in their travelling caravan of six children? Well, it may not be the most scandalous paparazzo shot, but to celebrity watchers, the shot you see here is worth lingering over. It's not often that you get to see the whole clan, in the same place, so unguarded. But yesterday, as they made their way through Tokyo's Narita Airport, none of the Pitt-Jolies had been left with the nannies. It gives us an opportunity to learn a little about looking effortlessly cooler than anyone else in the world ever.

But first, a refresher on who's who. Maddox, Jolie's first son, from Cambodia, predates Pitt's arrival. The adoption of Zahara, from Ethiopia, sits in that are-they-aren't-they Mr & Mrs Smith period. Then came the couple's own first offspring, their daughter, Shiloh, whose cosseted position as youngest child was wrested from her blanky-toting grip less than a year later by Pax, a three-year-old boy adopted from Vietnam. Last summer, the clan was joined by twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline.

Just like Brad and Ange, each child is adorable in their own right. But pictured together, the beautiful people-induced excitement for we lowly civilians live is intense. As is the fact that Brangelina define their brood with a shared sense of fashion. Note:

1. Pitt out front leading his two oldest children, seven-year-old Maddox and Zahara, four, dressed in co-ordinating black jeans, loafers, and dark jackets. Maddox accessorises his directional haircut with a sharp, stripy scarf, while his little sister is hugging her comfort blanket.

2. Knox Leon, six months old, is dressed, as well as made, in his father's image. The pair's matching grey woollen flat-caps convey understated urban cool, but is the fact that Knox Leon's headgear nowhere near covers his ears evidence that mum and dad rate style over sense?

3. Pax is almost hidden from view, but his jeans unmistakeably pick up his dad's style in both colour and fit.

4. Jolie, originator of the whole pack's style, knows her simple, loose trousers and dark coat show off, in relief, her glossy film star locks and her new baby girl, Vivienne.

5. Viv is dressed head to toe in a fluffy, angelic romper suit and bonnet. She has pride of place clutched to her mother's breast. By dressing her in white – in stark contrast to the others' more muted outfits, Jolie is showing the world who her most prized possession is right now.

6. Which maybe explains why Shiloh is looking so down in the dumps, even though she, too, is sporting the utilitarian Jolie-Pitt uniform.

The Pitt-Jolies are in Japan to promote Brad's Oscar-contending film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. But with these guys, you never know whether they'll leave town with another bundle of joy to dress up. Sophie MOorris

No need to be a neat freak to work here – but it helps

"Tidy desk, tidy mind" goes the clichéd manager's mantra. But surely there are limits, and if the state of your desk reveals much about your personality, then a glimpse into Martha Stewart's new offices gives cause for alarm. Pictures leaked to a Stewart tribute blog reveal a frighteningly anal regime. Pens may be only red or black ink (except for the roller-ball, which may also be brown). Essential stationery must be placed in a metal basket, and no other desktop accessories are permitted. Bins are banned: employees must use communal "trash centres".

What are we to read into Stewart's spartan approach? Vanity Fair recently featured the former jailbird's home office. It is a riot of clutter. Why such wilful double standards? It turns out a designer called Kevin Sharkey is the brains behind Stewart's HQ. Stewart believes that "a truly beautiful room is one that hasn't been 'decorated' at all, but rather 'considered'." But it's not clear what has been considered – perhaps not the needs of her minions. Simon Usborne

So who'll trouser all the cash?

If the vogue for 1980s stonewash wasn't scary enough for anyone who grew up with 'Beverly Hills, 90210', the price tags on the new season's must-haves may bring on a few comas. Tom Ford's new range for men retails at £699, with silk-lined pockets and a gold-plated button. The French couture house Balmain is also selling jeans for as much as £1,000. Distressed denim? This is just distressing. Harriet Walker

Now that's a political body

When Barack Obama was asked if he could possibly find a job at the White House for young Ali Campoverdi, his reply may well have been short and to the point: "Yes we can!"

The comely, 26-year-old Harvard graduate boasted an impressive CV, having become a minor reality TV star on the US version of The Apprentice (starring Donald Trump) and the dating show For Love or Money. But it was Campoverdi's brief career as an underwear model that stole headlines this week, when pictures surfaced of her, sans culottes, from a 2004 edition of Maxim magazine.

In the accompanying interview she claimed to be looking for a man who is "passionate about something". And so it came to pass: she is now stepping out with Jon Favreau, Obama's 27-year-old speechwriter, who also happens to be ridiculously good-looking. What happened to politics being show business for ugly people? Guy Adams