Impatient Queen drives her car onto grass and around couple blocking her way to church

The 89-year-old monarch was apparently in a rush

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The Queen displayed an impatient streak more typical of her husband Prince Philip when she was spotted driving onto the grass and around a couple as she rushed to get to church.

Her Majesty was seen at the wheel of a car driving behind Scarlett Vincent and Toby Core, who were enjoying a quiet stroll in Windsor Great Park with their two young children.

Keen to get a move on, the Queen drove the vehicle off the road, onto the grass and around the astonished pair, before giving them a quick royal wave and continuing on with her journey.

Ms Vincent told the Mail Online: “We didn’t actually have time to get out of the way as we were in a world of our own so she had to swerve around us.

“Toby was pushing the trike and I was pushing Teddy’s pram when I realised what had happened. I turned to him and just said ‘Oh my god, it’s the Queen’.

Queen-Elizabeth-driving-1.jpgThe Queen must have picked up a few tips for hurrying things along from the Duke of Edinburgh, who was filmed shouting “just take the f**king picture" at a cameraman during a photocall with war veterans for the Battle of Britain last week.

He also proved himself to be one of the most gaffe-prone members of the Royal family once again on Wednesday by asking a group of women who they "sponge off" during a visit to a community centre.

Sunday’s outing followed leaked footage published in The Sun appearing to show the Queen as a young girl and her family giving the Nazi salute. Buckingham Palace has not disputed the authenticity of the film but said it was disappointed that it had been “obtained and exploited" and is considering legal action.