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Institute of Mathematics

The following have been granted Chartered Mathematician status and Fellowship of the Institute of Mathematics:

Mr GGH Ambridge; Mr DC Armstrong; Mr GB Attwood; Professor HJ Beker; Dr JM Blackledge; Mr AC Brooks; Professor MW Collins; Dr I. Craw; Mr MG Ginn; Mr KF Goddard; Mr PDC Hudson; Dr MJ Jaffar; Mr JA Landgraf; Dr RH Mole; Mr CJ Moss; Dr LE Nicholas; Mr J. O'Hara; Dr RL Ollerton; Mr PD O'Reilly; Dr K. Pericleous; Dr SEB Pirie; Dr A. Pramanik; Dr H. Sahai; Dr SJ Shepherd; Mr GE Skipworth; Mr ND Slade; Dr PD Smith; Mr WJ Smith; Dr JK Sridhar; Mr DR Stacey; Dr OR Tutty; Dr JP Warwick; Dr AR Webb.