Jaden Smith challenges gender stereotypes by wearing a dress in California

Will Smith's son is flouting conformity once again

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Jaden Smith has challenged conventional gender stereotypes about clothes by sharing images of himself wearing a dress.

The 16-year-old son of actor Will Smith appeared in California this week wearing a dress with shorts underneath, trainers and a backpack.

A few days before, the teenager posted a picture of himself in a dress on Instagram, writing: “Went to TopShop to buy some girl clothes, I mean ‘clothes’”.

His picture was immediately praised by fans on his Instagram page for ignoring conventional gendered stereotypes around clothes, style and dress.

Jaden has previously discussed the way he dresses in the past in an interview with Billboard magazine, where he compared himself to Albert Einstein.

“Einstein didn't really like to change clothes because he had too much other stuff to worry about and I'm the same,” he said. “All black is pretty much my go-to look. If somebody is just wearing something for the blogs, that's really sad because they're not living for themselves, versus someone wearing a kimono who's having an awesome time. I really look to see, do you care more about what other people think, or are you having fun?”