James May struggles to cope without Top Gear filming while Jeremy Clarkson waits for BBC decision

May and fellow presenter Richard Hammond have both reportedly 'refused' to film Top Gear without Jeremy Clarkson

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Top Gear presenter James May appears to be struggling with his new-found free time, tweeting updates about life at home to his followers.

The final three episodes of Top Gear were postponed following the suspension of Jeremy Clarkson after he allegedly threw a punch at a producer when he failed to produce a hot dinner at the end of a day of production.

May and fellow presenter Richard Hammond have both reportedly "refused" to film another episode of Top Gear without Clarkson. An unnamed BBC executive told The Mirror: "They didn’t want to do it without Jeremy so the talks didn’t get off the ground.

"There is a feeling that it is all of them or none of them.”

Putting Top Gear on hold has caused the BBC to lose millions of viewers and receive thousands of complaints.

It also appears to have caused James May severe boredom, as has been 'live-tweeting' his time at home for the past week.

He made some exciting revelations as he worked through household chores.

And tweeted his respect for those who share his unemployed status.

Before taking his Ferrari out for a spin.

Household problems appeared to keep him entertained.

But needed to be broken up by a bike ride.

There have been moments of frustration.

But by Sunday James May seemed to have reached a stage of calm acceptance.