Jason Derulo says he's going to buy his own plane after firing travel agent and being removed from LA flight

This goes beyond #firstworldproblems

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Singer Jason Derulo took to Instagram to proclaim he had fired his travel agent following an incident over the weekend in which he was removed from a flight after throwing a 'tantrum'.

According to reports, Derulo fell out with airport staff after he was refused an escort on his way into the airport.

He was barred from boarding the plane after arguing loudly with employees from Southwest airlines, but proceeded to get on anyway, causing him to be removed by airport security.

Following the incident, Derulo was able to hire a private jet (thank goodness) in order to get from Reno to LA with no more problems.

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He said in the Instagram video - which was shot in black and white, perhaps to add an element of seriousness to the whole incident - that he fired his travel agent for "booking me somewhere I wasn’t supposed to be", suggesting he might not have even had a ticket for his flight.

"You can’t kick me off of this," said one of his entourage, during the flight. Touche.

Following the incident, Derulo was quizzed by TMZ on camera about the airline incident, but he suggested it wouldn't be a problem in future, telling the gossip site he was buying his own plane next month.