Jay Z joins Instagram, then quits after 24 hours following Michael Jackson tribute photo

It's almost like he thinks he hasn't got anything interesting to share

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Jay Z excited and disappointed his fans in unusually rapid succession this weekend after signing up to Instagram, posting one picture then quitting.

The rapper, posting as @Hovsince96, accumulated 100,000 followers in less than 24 hours. His only update was a birthday message to the late Michael Jackson, who would have turned 57 over the weekend.

"Happy birthday to the King!" he wrote, adding ominously: "This may be my first and last post."

And he was right.

Music executive Michael Kyser, who is a close friend of Jay Z, posted rare footage of Jay Z on Instagram to his own account, urging people to follow him while they still had time.

A photo posted by G (@littleburger) on

So why did Jay Z delete his account? There are a few theories.

Maybe he knew it would be impossible to get 44.4 million followers like his wife, Beyonce.

Or maybe he tried editing the filter on his photo and deleted it by accident.


Or, the most likely theory, maybe in his short time on Instagram he got sick of people taking photos of 'avocado and toast' and using the hashtag #eatcleantraindirty.

That would annoy anyone.