Jon Snow Gaza video: Watch the Channel 4 News presenter’s heartbreaking plea to end child violence

The Channel 4 News presenter made the video after returning from a visit to the strip, where he visited the Shifa Hospital

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Jon Snow has made an emotional plea for an end to the violence that has led to deaths and maiming of scores of children in Gaza.

The Channel 4 News presenter made the video campaign after returning back to the UK from the strip, where he visited the Shifa Hospital. The medical centre has been forced to dedicate two floors to treating injured children following the intensifying of the conflict between Israel and Gaza.

"I can’t get those images out of my mind," he said of his experience there.

"They are the essence of what is happening in Gaza," he continued, telling of his surprise at how overwhelmingly young the citizens of Gaza are.

"The average age is 17. That means that about 250,000 are under 10. And if you know any 10-year-olds, seven-year-olds, five-year-olds four-year-olds. The idea that in the looseness of a war zone, that you can control your children, that they won’t be somewhere where they can be hit, is beyond any kind of imagination.

"So that in a very densely packed urban area, if you decide to throw misiles, shells, and the rest, then you will undoubtedly kill children. And that is what [the Israeli government] are doing.

"We cannot let it go on.

"If our reporting is worth anything, if your preparedness to listen and watch and read is anything to go by, then together we can make a difference."

Over 1,000 Palestinians have been killed since the most recent wave of violence first began, a large proportion of which have been civilians. Of Israeli casualties, 40 soldiers and three civilians have perished.