Jon Stewart says US Congress' standing ovation for Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is the 'longest blowjob a Jewish man has ever received'

Looks like the comedian wasn't too crazy about the rapturous applause

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Jon Stewart has compared the rapturous response to Benjamin Netanyahu's address to Congress as a "blowjob" after both Republicans and Democrats repeatedly leapt to their feet during the Israeli PM's 45-minute speech.

He was also stunned by CNN's coverage of the speech, in which Netanyahu criticised Barack Obama's nuclear talks with Iran. The network used a blue Star of David graphic to illustrate the point, which Stewart called "patronising".

"Are you kidding me? That actually happened on CNN?" he said. "I guess they couldn’t pull off the Batman-spinning-yarmulke wipe."

"Whether or not Netanyahu achieved his goals of sabotaging a deal with Iran or mistakenly opened up a rift in US-Israeli relations, one thing is certain - the in-chamber response to this speech was by far the longest blowjob a Jewish man has ever received," Stewart said.


Stewart has in the past been accused of being anti-Israel by Zionists because he is often critical of Israel's foreign policy, including the state's air strikes on Gaza.

He has previously responded to criticisms that he's a "self-hating Jew". "Look, there’s a lot of reasons why I hate myself, being Jewish isn’t one of them. I’ve made a living for 16 years criticizing certain policies that I think are not good for America. That doesn’t make me anti-American," he said. "And if I do the same with Israel, that doesn’t make me anti-Israel."