Jose Mourinho video: Exclusive new footage shows Chelsea manager’s angry encounter with another teenage fan

Sonnie Burgess was attempting to take a photo with Mourinho in London

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New footage revealed by The Independent has shown Jose Mourinho apparently losing his temper with another young fan as he tried to take a photo.

Sonnie Burgess was with friend Otto Nahmmacher when they spotted the Chelsea manager walking along a street in Knightsbridge on Sunday.

The 16-year-old described their encounter in an exclusive interview with The Independent, saying: “We were cycling home when we bumped into Mourinho and asked him for a picture and I was recording it.

“He was giving me dirty looks and he was being quite anti-social and aggressive.”

Sonnie Burgess recorded his encounter with Jose Mourinho in London

As the manager ignored the teenager and carried on walking, talking on his phone, Sonnie asked for a photo again and was refused.

Otto alleged that he was "shoved" moments later as he attempted to capture a selfie with the 52-year-old football manager.

Sonnie claimed Mourinho then walked away without making any move to apologise to the teenagers, adding: “We were genuinely scared.”

He said he was left shocked and upset by his hero’s reaction.

“I love Chelsea and I love Jose Mourinho and I lost so much respect for him,” Sonnie added. “He was my hero and now it’s crushed everything.”

Sonnie Burgess is a dedicated Chelsea fan and has met players including Eden Hazard

Sonnie, who lives in Battersea and is in his last year at a secondary school in Wandsworth, said the incident started at around 3.15pm and was over less than 10 minutes later.

“I’m a season ticket holder but I’m thinking of cancelling it,” he added. “It’s completely changed me.”

Chelsea had enjoyed a comfortable 2-0 home win over Aston Villa the previous day and drew in a goalless Champion’s League draw with Dynamo Kiev on Tuesday. 

The result compounded a difficult start to the season for the Blues and their manager, who was fined £50,000 by the Football Association for criticising a referee and publicly admonished Chelsea medic Eva Carneiro, who subsequently left the club.

Chelsea did not respond to The Independent's request for a comment.