Julian Assange: Sweden offers to question Wikileaks founder in London

Decision comes as some of the offences Assange is accused of will reach their statute of limitations in August

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Sweden has offered to question Julian Assange in London over sexual assault allegations.

An European arrest warrant was issued to question him in Sweden about allegations of sexual assault made by two women in 2010.

The Wikileaks founder has been claiming asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London since 2012. Assange denies all of the claims against him.

Assange believes he risks being extradited to America to face charges for publishing secret files and sensitive information.

Prosecutors had previously refused to travel to London. Lead prosecutor Marianne Ny explained the change in position today by saying that some of the offences of which Assange is accused will reach their statute of limitations in August.

"Now that time is of the essence, I have viewed it therefore necessary to accept such deficiencies in the investigation and likewise take the risk that the interview does not move the case forward," she was quoted as saying.

Assange's lawyer Per Samuelson said his client welcomed the move, telling the Associated Press: "This is something we've demanded for over four years.

"Julian Assange wants to be interviewed so he can be exonerated."

Assange claims his time spent avoiding extradition inside the walls of the embassy has damaged his health.

“Being detained for four years in various ways, and in this embassy for two years, with no sunlight, it is reasonable for any healthy person to find themselves with certain difficulties," a spokesperson for designer Ben Westwood said last year after Assange reportedly pulled out of a fashion show.

Constantly policing the embassy has cost the taxpayer £10 million.