Kanye West says Bill Cosby is innocent: Second bizarre Twitter rant sparks outrage

The rapper's tirade continued overnight 

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After a brief period of relative calm, Kanye West has caused outrage once again by going on yet another bizarre Twitter rant.

Apparently not satisfied with the furore his misdirected anger at Wiz Khalifa and slut shaming of Amber Rose generated, the rapper let rip on Twitter over-night. While most of his tweets in this tantrum are typically provocative, one has proved particularly problematic: "BILL COSBY INNOCENT!!!" His statement was delivered without any context and followed an apology to Michael Jordan for using his name in a diss track, with West explaining that his “beef” was actually with Mark Parker. 

Cosby is accused of drugging or assaulting more than 50 women and is facing three felony charges of sexual assault. He has admitted giving women sedatives. Cosby denies the charges. 

New York Magazine reacted to West's claim by reminding him of the cover story they ran in July featuring 35 of his accusers. Others responded more directly. 

The timing of this meandering tirade, which also expressed fury at Puma for apparently trying to sign Kylie Jenner, is an interesting one considering West’s album is due for release on Thursday. 

It remains to be seen whether these tweets end up in his very big ‘deleted’ pile. 

A spokesperson for West told The Independent: “Our only comment is “T.L.O.P.” will be in stores February 11 and “The Book Of Daniel” will be in stores 29 Feburary.”