Kate Upton contrasts magazine shoots with real images to prove fashion is just fantasy

Fashion vs reality 

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In a world where the majority of models use their social media channels primarily to develop their own personal brand, it's always refreshing to see one buck the trend.

As a model with a much curvier figure than the size zero women splashed across billboards and adverts, Kate Upton already defies convention. Now, the Sports Illustrated model is juxtaposing high fashion with reality on her Instagram page, in a light-hearted dig at the unattainable perfection projected by the fashion world. 

An image of herself reclining on a kitchen surface, heavily made-up and in heels, is placed alongside a picture of Upton in her own domestic setting, Hoover in hand. Upton posing on her bed with her dog lying behind her is matched with an image of Upton actually in bed with her dog unceremoniously sleeping on top of her. An immaculate Upton effortlessly lifting weights is placed alongside a make-up free, exhausted Upton sat on the floor of a gym. 

The conversation around the façade of social media is steadily growing, and women such as Cara Delevingne have disrupted the perception of models as enigmatic and polished by sharing unedited, candid shots. But you’ll be hard pressed to see most supers deconstructing the shoots that propelled them to stardom.