Katy Perry gatecrashes a children’s birthday party and makes everyone cry

The pop star went to the extreme to create her new music video

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Katy Perry ruined a five-year-old’s birthday party all in the name of her music.

Children cried and mothers got angry.

The pop star disguised herself as “five of the world’s worst birthday entertainers” for her new music video, Birthday. She dressed up as a frankly terrifying clown who’s on parole and not very good at his job, pranking a child’s real-life birthday celebrations at Knollwood Country Club outside LA.

In what appears to be some sort of breakdown and following a brief battle with the piñata, Perry’s unusual alter ego then runs out into the street and causes a fake car-crash. Hidden cameras were used to film the action unfold.

The singer says that guests had no idea that the accident was a joke. A distressed child is overheard saying, “Mommy, I want to leave.”

Perry says that the entertaining prank was aimed to be her departure from her previous music videos, which have seen her dress up as a sexy jungle girl, a sexy Cleopatra-inspired figure and also a sexy girl count.

“I was sick of making gorgeous music videos where I’m sexual,” said Perry on the Jimmy Kimmel Show this week. “That can get boring sometimes and you ned to flip it on its head.”

Video courtesy of TMZ

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