Katy Perry takes a tumble off a Segway at Burning Man festival

The 30-year-old pop-star posted an Instagram video of herself trying to ride a Segway, and fails
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Katy Perry might regret trying to ride a Segway in a windy, dusty desert; after she posted a video on Instagram showing her tumbling off the vehicle at Nevada's Burning Man festival.

The pop sensation took it in her stride however, the caption reads “Obvious first time burner alert.”

Take a look below.

A video posted by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on

The video begins with Perry spinning anti-clockwise out of control; she soon stumbles off, losing control of the vehicle. What went wrong? The conditions? The debilitating mask? All of the above?

The short clip has gone viral, with nearly 500,000 likes on Instagram. All our reactions are probably best summed up by James Bourne of McBusted:

There's always next year, Katy.