Kay Burley apologises for calling pro-Scottish Independence voter a 'knob' live on air, cites 'challenging environment'

The Sky News presenter suggests that the journalistic conditions are hairy in Aberdeen

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Kay Burley has apologised after calling a “Yes” to Scottish Independence campaigner a “knob” live on air.

The Sky News presenter is heard in what appears to be a discussion over whether or not to show a picture of a member of the public saying, "because he looks like a bit of a knob."

The camera then shows Burley on screen in Aberdeen, where she adopts a more professional tact.

"We've got one or two Yes campaigners here getting a little bit lairy," she said.

"Let me just show you, I took a picture of you a little bit earlier on. There you go.

"He's got his balloons and he's checking his phone as well. Wants to take us off air, obviously that's not gonna happen."

She has now apologised over the insult on Twitter, maintaining she was dealing with a “challenging environment” involving a stick.

The Scottish referendum takes place 18 September, when Scotland will finally decide whether or not to stay within the United Kingdom.

Among famous names arguing for independence are Vivienne Westwood, Frankie Boyle, The Proclaimers, Alan Cumming, Billy Bragg, Sean Connery and Annie Lennox.

The list of those who want Scotland to stay within the union include David Beckham, JK Rowling, David Bowie, Eddie Izzard, Alex Ferguson, Mike Myers and Emma Thompson.