Ken Loach calls BBC News 'manipulative and deeply political'

Director says corporation needs to be 'democratised and diversified'

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Ken Loach has labelled BBC News “manipulative and deeply political” in a tirade against the broadcaster.

The director, who is best known for his socially critical films, claimed there are problems with democracy and diversity within the country’s flagship corporation and the way its news is presented.

“Democratise it. Diversify it so that different regions can make their own dramas,” he told the Radio Times. “And its notion of news has got to be challenged. The BBC is very aware of its role in shaping people’s consciousness; this is the story you should hear about, these are the people worth listening to. It’s manipulative and deeply political.”

In response, a representative for the BBC said: “BBC News is independent and adheres to clear published editorial guidelines including on impartiality. The BBC is consistently rated the most trusted and accurate news provider by the majority of people in the UK.”

The 80-year-old, who won this year’s prestigious Palm D’Or at the Cannes film festival for his film I, Daniel Blake, has hit out at the BBC before by urging Jeremy Corbyn supporters to complain over what he claimed was “biased” reporting against the Labour leader.