Kevin Bridges pays gig fee to local charity after being heckled by abusive woman in crowd

Children In Crossfire supports child development in Tanzania and Ethiopia.

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Comedian Kevin Bridges donated a night’s fee to a local charity after leaving the stage due to an abusive heckler.

Bridges had just completed five nights performing at the Millenium Forum in Derry but had to leave the stage early on his final night after a woman in the crowd would not stop heckling him.

Staff removed the heckler from the venue and Bridges resumed his set once she had gone. Other audience members called the woman’s behaviour ‘disgusting’.

The comic has now donated an undisclosed sum – thought to be a night’s takings – to local charity Children In Crossfire, which supports early childhood development.

Fans tweeted Kevin assuring him they had a good time despite the aggressive member of the audience.

The director and founder of Children In Crossfire, Richard Moore, called it a ‘wonderful gesture’ and said the charity was extremely grateful for his kindness.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “It was such a wonderful gesture and will give a great boost to our work and an enormous sense of encouragement to our partners overseas.

“These funds will go towards improving the lives of some of the most vulnerable children who suffer from not having access to food, proper medicine or clean water in Tanzania and Ethiopia.”

In a statement, the Chief Executive of the venue, David McLaughlin, said what happened on the night was disappointing.

“We appreciate patrons’ respect for each other and the artist on stage and it was disappointing that one member of the audience did not extend this courtesy on Friday evening.

"We take all feedback on board and work hard to ensure all our patrons and performers enjoy their experience at our venue,” he said.