Kim Jong-un appoints sister as head of dynasty's powerful Propaganda and Agitation Department

Sources say Yo-jong will be ‘assisting in consolidating Kim Jong-un’s power’

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Kim Jong-un’s younger sister, Kim Yo-jong, has been put in charge of the family’s powerful Propaganda and Agitation Department, according to sources.

Yo-jong’s title as vice director of PAD means she is responsible for ‘assisting in consolidating Kim Jong-un’s power’ by implementing ‘idolisation projects’, according to North Korean newspaper Daily NK.

In order to make room for his sister, Jong-un demoted 89-year old veteran propogandist Kim Ki-nam from the position, deeming his work 'sub-par'. He has now been made an advisor, a 'ceremonial' role with little to no authority.

“Kim Yo-jong is assisting in consolidating Kim Jong-un’s power, which is what her aunt, Kim Kyong-hui, once did. As vice director of the Propaganda and Agitation Department, Kim Yo-jong is actually in power and leading idolisation projects related to Kim Jong-un," a source told the online paper.

Her elder sister, Kim Sul-song, undertook the same role during their father’s rule.

Yo-jong made her first big public appearance last year at the Supreme People’s Assembly elections, but has been rumoured to take on a senior role in shaping the future of her family’s dynasty for some time.

Details of Yo-jong’s background are limited. She is thought to be 27 or 28 and married to the son of a party secretary, and aside from featuring prominently at the state funeral of her father, Kim Jong-il, she has rarely been seen in public.

One source said Kim Jong-un was directly responsible for his sister’s promotion.

“Kim Jong-un has the utmost trust and confidence in his sister,” the source said, before adding the appointment of his sister is “indicative of Kim Jong-un’s overall lack of trust among the Party cadres surrounding him”.