Kim Kardashian branded 'enemy of Pope Francis' after Argentinian website misunderstands 'Pope is dope' tweet

A tweet endorsing the Pope was apparently misinterpreted

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Kim Kardashian was labelled an enemy of Pope Francis in the US by an Argentinean entertainment website when an innocuous tweet was lost in translation.

The reality TV star found herself accused of insulting the hugely popular Pope when her “Pope is dope"  tweet was apparently misinterpreted by a horrified reporter at Primicias Ya, who seemed to believe ‘dope’ was actually a reference to drugs.  

Their article questioned whether Kardashian was disrespecting Francis under the headline: “Did Kim Kardashian attack the pope", according to a translation by The Guardian

The unidentified writer warned Francis, who was born in Argentina, could have "found an enemy" in the US.

The reporter also asked readers to share their interpretation, writing: “What could Kim be referring to? Without a doubt, this couldn’t be positive. How do you interpret her message?”

Francis is embarking on the third day of his highly anticipated six-day tour of the US. He has already met with 15,000 people who greeted him at the White House, addressed Congress in Washington and captivated crowds in New York. He will conclude his tour with a trip to Philadelphia. 



Kardashian was more likely referencing the ‘Pope is dope’ T-shirts being worn by excited Americans to mark the pontiff’s first official visit to the country, or the #popeisdope hashtags circulating on social media. 

She has yet to respond to the outrage briefly caused by her tweet, which has been shared over 16,000 times.