Kim Kardashian was 'totally' thinking about adopting Thai orphan called Pink: Dreams sadly now squashed

Pink, 12, will remain in her orphanage despite Kardashian’s wishes

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Kim Kardashian was “totally” thinking about adopting a child from a Thai orphanage, but sadly her short-lived dreams have been squashed.

The reality television personality visited the orphanage while on holiday with her family and became fond of a 12-year-old girl called Pink, whom Kardashian met over the course of a few hours one afternoon.

The two painted their hands and printed them onto a wall and, at the end of the brief meeting, Pink handed Kardashian a bracelet that she was wearing – which was enough for the reality television star to seriously consider adoption.

“I literally cannot stop thinking about her,” she said to mother Kris Jenner. “I told Kanye, ‘Honestly, this girl is so sweet and so cute, I would like totally adopt her.’”

Her seemingly whimsical deliberations were met with resistance by Jenner, who highlighted a few potential issues.


“Oh my god, you can’t just go to an orphanage, fall in love with a child and take them home like your shopping,” she said.

“You get very passionate about things. You don’t think about… the whole thing through. I mean I bet there are things that you could do that would make all the difference to this little girl’s life without bringing her home.”

Undeterred, Kardashian spoke to the manager of the hotel resort she was staying at, who told her that the Thai government “does not encourage” foreigners to adopt Thai children and remove them from the country.


“That’s so sad,” she responded in the manner one might complain about a waiting list for a handbag.

Kardashian and husband Kanye West have one child, daughter, North, who was born in June 2013. The pair were married in an admirably extravagant wedding at a Florentine castle in May.