Kristi Capel, Fox 8 anchor, used 'racist term' to describe Lady Gaga's Oscars performance

The presenter said she used the word unintentionally

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Fox 8 news anchor Kristi Capel has been criticised for using the racially offensive word "jigaboo" live on air.

Capel used the term, which is offensive slang for a black person, during a discussion about Lady Gaga's Oscars Sound of Music medley.

"You can really hear her voice with all the jigaboo music that she does, whatever you want to call it," Capel said.


Capel co-anchors US TV show Fox 8 News In the Morning. She later apologised, and said that she used the word without knowing what it meant.

However, people questioned whether TV presenters should be using words if they don't know what they mean.

"Kristi apologized on the air shortly after making the remark. She did not know what the word meant but that is no excuse for using it," Fox 8 news director Andy Fishman said. "We have spoken with her and are confident nothing like this will happen again."