Laurence Easeman, the activist in Brand row: ‘I was smeared’


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The activist at the centre of a row which led to the cancellation of a debate at the launch of Russell Brand’s new book has claimed he is the victim of a “politically motivated smear campaign” by bloggers.

Laurence Easeman, who was due to discuss issues raised in Revolution with fellow panellists on Wednesday night, denied in a statement any involvement with the Greek far-right party Golden Dawn, and said he had “no sympathy or affiliation with any ‘far-right’ or ‘far-left’ group”. He also denied being anti-Semitic, racist or working as a bailiff.

Mr Easeman said he had contacted Merseyside Police over the blogs. He also criticised fellow panellist Peter Tatchell who raised concerns with Brand after being alerted to the online postings.

“I find it perverse that the so-called human rights campaigner now acts like a modern-day Mugabe, ‘punching’ out of the debate anybody who doesn’t fall in line with his political position,” he said.