Lewis Hamilton ordered to remove Instagram video of him firing machine gun after French attack

The shooting video was posted just hours after gunman Ayoub El-Khazzani was stopped with an AK-47 on a French train

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Lewis Hamilton has been ordered to take down a video of him firing a machine gun at a shooting range in Colorado posted on the same day as the attempted gun attack on a French train.

The Mercedes team boss Niki Lauda ordered Mr Hamilton to remove the video after it received a lot of criticism from fans for being insensitive.

Hamilton said that he didn't post the video personally to his Instagram account because a friend posts on his social media for him during race weekends.

Mercedes team chief, Toto Wolff, said that the F1 star needs to "be aware of what is happening out there in the world."

"My opinion is split on a personal level," Mr Wolff said. "Lewis is a rock star and he is living his life. Then on the other side you need be aware what is happening out there in the world" the Guardian reported.

The video received almost 34,000 likes on Instagram before it was deleted. Many of the comments, however, criticised Mr Hamilton for setting a bad example by using guns and for showing insensitivity towards the injured victims of the French train attack.

One such commenter wrote: "Disappointing & unnecessary Lewis, Disappointed that you promote such stupidity".