Justin Bieber roast: Ludacris claims Paul Walker jokes were 'over the line'

Rapper said he became 'extremely close' to Walker before his death in 2013

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Ludacris has said some of the jokes on Justin Bieber’s infamous Comedy Central roasting that mentioned Paul Walker were “over the line”.

The 37-year-old rapper and actor claimed that during Bieber’s roasting, which airs this evening, some of the comedians made reference to the deceased actor Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker.

Walker died in a car accident in 2013. His death, aged 40, prompted an outpouring of tributes from colleagues, friends and fans.

Ludacris, mentioning no names, told The Huffington Post Live that parts of the roast “did go too far”.

“It was not one particular person, it was just some particular jokes,” he said.

“There were some jokes that were not appropriate, like, there were some Paul Walker jokes that I did not feel like were appropriate.”


The musician, who stars in the seventh instalment of the action blockbuster staring Walker, said the pair became “extremely close”.

“I was told and promised they would edit those out,” he continued. “Some of those were over the line.”

During the tapping of the Comedy Central roast, comedian Jeff Ross reportedly referenced Ludacris's 'Move Bitch' song, and the late Walker.

"'Move bitch, get out the way,' is what Paul Walker should've told that tree," the comedian reportedly said. He added: "Too soon? Too fast? Too furious?"

In a wide-ranging Huffington Post interview, Ludacris also spoke about how following the actor’s death many of the actors involved, himself included, feared the film would not be completed.

“There was definitely a time when we all thought we were not going to finish this movie,” he said.

He continued that despite this, the cast were able “to mourn together,” and work to finish the blockbuster film, “making sure we paid homage and honoured him the right way.” 

Filming of Fast and Furious, released last week, was temporarily halted following Walker’s death and completed only when his brother stepped in to film some scenes.

At a recent screening in Los Angeles, Vin Diesel, who named his daughter after the actor, paid tribute to Walker. “It was in some ways the hardest film I ever had to do because the relationships that you see onscreen are so real.”

He added: “When the tragedy happened, I lost my best friend, I lost my brother.”