Rihanna and Miley Cyrus branded 'rubbishy sl*ts' by Marianne Faithfull during televised interview

Watch: The legendary singer describes what she thinks of the hyper-sexualisation of modern female stars

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Marianne Faithfull was one of the original wild child 'It' girls of the Sixties, known for her hedonistic excess, rock star boyfriends (Mick Jagger) and drug-dealing exes.

But the legendary singer had some strong words on the subject of modern pop stars and the way they present themselves to the world.

"I think they are complete rubbishy sl*ts actually," she told ITV when asked what she thinks about "young stars like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna and the way they dress".

"I've no idea what they think. I cannot understand that way of thinking.

"That they want to be so much in the music business that they're prepared to make complete fools of themselves.

"I'm amazed," she added looking, true to her own words, amazed.

Her comments came hours after she shared her Nick Cave-penned track "Late Victorian Holocaust" on SoundCloud.

Her new album, Give My Love To London, will be released on 29 September in Europe.

In other Faithfull-related news, she recently accused her ex-boyfriend Jean de Breteuil of accidentally killing Jim Morrison of The Doors.


"I could intuitively feel trouble," she told Mojo magazine in August. "I thought, ‘I'll take a few Tuinal [barbiturates] and I won't be there.’ And he went to see Jim Morrison and killed him. I mean I'm sure it was an accident."

"Poor b*****d. The smack was too strong? Yeah. And he died," she continued. "And I didn't know anything about this. Anyway, everybody connected to the death of this poor guy is dead now. Except me."