Memorial services

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Earl of Iveagh

Princess Alexandra was represented by Major Sir Peter Clarke at the Memorial Service held yesterday at St Margaret's Church, Westminster Abbey, London SW1, to celebrate the life and work of the late . The Rev Dr Donald Gray, Canon of Westminster and Rector of St Margaret's, officiated and Viscount Blakenham gave the Address. The Rev Paul Ensor, Rector of Elveden, and the Rev Roger Holloway, Priest Vicar of St Margaret's, led the Prayers. The and the Hon Rory Guinness read the Lessons.

Among those present were:

The Countess of Iveagh; Lady Emma Guinness; Lady Louisa Guinness.

Mr Michael Allen; The Duke of Atholl; Mr Brian Baldock (Guinness plc); Mr Peter Birch (Middlesex Association of Boys Clubs); Viscountess Blakenham; Miss Caragh Booth; Patricia, Viscountess Boyd of Merton; Viscount and Viscountess Boyd of Merton; Mr K. Brierley (Bank of Nova Scotia, Jersey); The Hon Garech Browne; Princess Purna Browne; Mr and Mrs Mark Burrell; Mr Michael de las Casas; Mr Paul Channon MP and Mrs Channon; Mr Henry Channon; Miss Georgia Channon; Lord Cranworth; Viscountess Cowdray; Lord and Lady Derwent; The Marchioness of Dufferin and Ava; Mr Leslie Fox (Bank of Nova Scotia, London); Mr Charles Fraser; Lady Gibson; The Hon Hugh Gibson; The Hon William and Mrs Gibson; M Hubert Grandval (representing the French Ambassador); The Hon Valentine and Mrs Guinness; The Hon Mrs Finn Guinness; The Hon Mrs Kieran Guinness; The Hon Erskine and Mrs Guinness; Mr and Mrs James Guinness; Mr and Mrs Peter Guinness; Mr Billy Guinness; The Hon Mrs Diarmid Guinness; The Hon Alan and Mrs Hare; The Hon Caspar Hare; The Hon Emily Hare; Lord and Lady Holderness; Mrs Jean Horsman (Friends of the Iveagh Bequest); Mr and Mrs Hugo Jacobs; The Hon Christopher Lennox Boyd; The Hon Mark Lennox Boyd MP; The Hon Edward Lennox Boyd; The Hon Philippa Lennox Boyd; The Earl and Countess of Listowel; Lord Macfarlane of Bearsden (Guinness plc) and Lady Macfarlane; Miss Christine Mathez (Iveagh Bequest, Kenwood); Lady Eliza Mays-Smith; Mr Martin Mays-Smith; Mr Charles and the Hon Mrs Mitchell; Mrs Roderic More-O'Ferrall; Lord and Lady Moyne; The Hon Mrs Sudhir Mulji; Mr Sachin Mulji; Miss Sangita Mulji; Lady Brigid Ness; Mr Charles Nugent; Miss Rose Nugent; The Earl of Onslow; Miss Barbara Packham; The Hon Michael and Mrs Pearson; The Hon Mrs Aileen Plunket; Prince and Princess Nicholas von Preussen; Prince and Princess Andrew von Preussen; Prince Rupert von Preussen; Mr Cedric Ritchie (Bank of Nova Scotia, Canada); Mr Roderick (Governor, the Lister Institute) and Mrs Roderick; Mr Timothy and the Hon Mrs Sargison-Brooke; Mr Simon Scrimgeour; Lady Henrietta Sedgwick; The Mexican Ambassador, Mr Bernard Sepulveda, and Mrs Sepulveda; The Irish Ambassador, Mr Joseph Small; Nancy, Lady Smiley; Sir John and Lady Smiley; Col David Smiley; Lady Smith- Ryland; Mr Jeremy Smith; Mr Donald Taylor (Middlesex Association of Boys Clubs); Lady Tennant (representing Sir Anthony Tennant, Guinness plc); Mrs PA Tritton; Mr Auberon and Lady Teresa Waugh; Mr and Mrs Galen Weston.