MH17: Jason Biggs says insensitive tweet about crash that killed 298 was just 'knee-jerk' example of how he 'copes' with tragedy

'I have nothing but sympathy for the victims and their families,' he concluded. 'I’ve learned my lesson and would like to move on.'

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Jason Biggs is really, truly sorry for the appallingly timed tweet in the wake of the MH17 tragedy that saw 298 civilians plunge to their deaths on the Russia-Ukraine border last Thursday (17 July).

In fact, he is so apologetic, he followed up his initial social media retraction with a televised address.

"There was one line, an old adage," he told ABC’s The View, over a cup of tea and probably a soggy biscuit. "'Never attribute to malice that which is explained by stupidity.'"

"I certainly meant no harm - there was no malice - but I was stupid," he continued. "It was poorly timed. I’ve always tried to find the humour in situations… It’s a knee-jerk reaction for me, it’s how I cope."

"I have nothing but sympathy for the victims and their families," he concluded. "I’ve learned my lesson and would like to move on."


The Orange Is The New Black actor initially sparked outrage when he tweeted, "Anyone wanna buy my Malaysian Airlines frequent flier miles?”" mere hours after news broke that a Malaysia Airlines flight travelling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur had been shot down.

He followed it up with a second post, which read: "In all seriousness, tho- HOW DO YOU MISTAKENLY SHOOT DOWN A COMMERCIAL PLANE?! Ugh."

Unsurprisingly, his musings weren’t warmly received, and he took to criticism not unlike a school boy having his ear pinched by branding his followers "losers".

He wrote: "Hey all you "too soon" a**holes- it's a f***ing joke. You don't have to think it's funny, or even be on my twitter page at all.

"Truly - you losers are literally trying to find s**t to get angry about. Channel your issues elsewhere.

"The idea that I wouldn't have any empathy 4 the victims or their families because I make a joke is absolutely ridiculous. U know that, right?"

Retaliating to one follower, who tweeted at him "I'll be sure to laugh when u suffer a family tragedy," he wrote: "Please do! I hope I can laugh during my family tragedy 2!"

But then he had a change of heart (and probably a stern word from his publicist), and issued a four-part tweeted apology, which you can read in full here.

And it might have carried more weight, too, had he apologised for thestring of offensive remarks he made about Malaysian Flight MH370, days after the aircraft, carrying 239 passengers, was reported missing in March.

He referenced the news in a tweet as he micro-blogged US programme The Bachelor.

"Nikki is looking for Juan Pablo to say "I Love You." She’d have better luck looking for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. #TheBachelor", Biggs tweeted.

He didn’t apologise.