Michelle Obama reveals the one thing she really wants to do after leaving the White House

It's the little things in life for America's First Lady 

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Michelle Obama has revealed the one thing she looks forward to doing when her family leaves the White House after eight years of calling it home.

President Obama’s second term in office is drawing to a close and the family will be packing up and moving out in a year’s time. 

Living in the White House, a home with 132 rooms, 53 bathrooms, six floors and a dining room that seats up to 140 guests means becoming accustomed to a level of luxury afford to few. However, it also means accepting a level of security that means even the most everyday freedoms are restricted. 

The White House is protected by agents from the Department of Homeland Security, who are authorised to protect the sitting President and their family by law. 

Appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the First Lady talked about her education initiative #62milliongirls she hoped to start after her husband’s presidency came to an end. 

But that wasn't the only thing she was eagerly anticipating. 

“I also want to, you know, open a window. I can’t open my windows, I really can’t If I press it in the car, everybody is like ‘Oh my God, what is that’”. 

“One day as a treat, my lead agent let us have the windows open on the way to Camp David. It was five minutes out.”