Mick Jagger beat experts and polls to correctly predict the general election

Former US advisor to the Conservatives Jim Messina said the Rolling Stones frontman was 'one of the savviest political observers I've come across'

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Back of the class, David Dimbleby. Back of the tank, Paul the World Cup-predicting octopus.

There’s a new forecasting genius in town who managed to summon the information numerous polls and experts failed to accurately relay.

Mick Jagger correctly predicted that the Conservatives would romp to a majority victory in the General Election, a former US advisor to the Tories has claimed.

Jim Messina, who was also a former White House deputy chief of staff under President Barack Obama, labelled the legendary Rolling Stones frontman “one of the savviest political observers I’ve come across”.


“Mick has been a bit of a political junkie his whole life,” he told Politico magazine, saying he’d gleaned the majority of his knowledge through reading on tour.

Sir Mick and Messina apparently met for dinner just before Britain went to the polling stations.

“You’re going to win,” Sir Mick told him. When Messina asked why he thought they would lead the election, he said he knew David Cameron would be back in Number 10 because “the average guy thinks Cameron makes tough decisions and things are getting a bit better”.

“They won’t change from that,” he apparently added. “Your opponent has come across like he is a retreat to the past.”