Mike Tindall criticised for appearing to simulate cocaine 'snorting' on prime time TV

The rugby star was criticised after he appeared to suggest a fellow contestant on The Jump that they should take a line of snow

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Mike Tindall, the former England rugby star married to the Queen’s granddaughter Zara Phillips, has come under fire for appearing to make a crack about cocaine on prime time television.

Tindall, 36, was criticised after he seemed to suggest a fellow contestant on Channel 4 celebrity competition The Jump should snort a line of snow.

Gesturing towards a mound of white on a bar during an inside camera shot, he quipped to the Jackass star, who has openly discussed his struggle with drug addiction in the past: “Steve O, sort it out.”

He also appears to be heard making loud sniffing noises during the footage.

Richard Endacott, a secondary school teacher, posted on Twitter: “Ok so Mike Tindall just mimicked snorting coke on The Jump. Wow.”


“Um, did Mike Tindall just mimic snorting cocaine with ice behind Davina on The Jump? I’m in shock,” another said.

Tindall’s spokesperson was quick to deny that the sportsman’s comment was a reference to drug use.

“They were joking about something earlier while skiing. it wasn’t a drug reference,” she told The Independent.