Morrissey launches merchandise site with 'Be Kind to Animals or I'll Kill You' T-shirt

The store was open to UK users this week and has just flung open its virtual doors to US fans, too

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The man who once compared the consumption of meat to paedophilia has launched his own online merchandise shop with a particularly Morrissey-esque PR strategy.

And that’s a T-shirt with the slogan “Be Kind to Animals or I'll Kill You” emblazoned across the chest.

The launch of the store, the Morrissey Mporium, was first announced on unofficial fansite

It was open to UK users this week and has just flung open its virtual doors to US fans, too.

Morrissey, a strident vegan, has an impressive back catalogue of caustic animal rights remarks.


Aside from the obvious (naming the second Smiths album Meat Is Murder in 1985), he has likened the cattle industry to the Holocaust:

“If you believe in the abattoir then you would support Auschwitz. There’s no difference. People who would disagree with this statement have probably never been inside an abattoir.”

Called for chef Jamie Oliver to be gassed:

“It would be a great help if Princess Anne gassed Jamie Oliver. He's killed more animals than McDonald's.”


And controversially compared animal consumption to violent crimes such as the following:

“I see no difference between eating animals and paedophilia. They are both rape, violence, murder. If I'm introduced to anyone who eats beings, I walk away.”

He has also posed with a cat on his head:


Morrissey recently announced a new European tour, which will see the singer take to the stage at the O2 Arena in London on 29 November.