Muhammad Ali returns to hospital a week after being discharged

The boxing great is being treated for a urinary tract infection

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A spokesperson for Muhammad Ali, 72, says the boxing great is back in the hospital for follow-up care related to a severe urinary tract infection a day before his birthday.

Ali, 72, who has waged a long battle with Parkinson’s disease, was admitted to hospital on 20 December. The infection was initially believed to be a mild case of pneumonia before he left the hospital after 18 days of care last week.

Family spokesman Bob Gunnell said yesterday that the former heavyweight boxing champion, who retired in 1981, was admitted to an undisclosed hospital earlier this week and that he is passing the time by listening to music, reading and watching old films.

Mr Gunnell said Ali hoped to celebrate his 73rd birthday tomorrow with his family and is expected to be discharged today.

The Muhammad Ali Center, in Louisville, Kentucky, is dedicated to Ali’s humanitarian causes that he has been involved in since retiring from sport and also showcases his boxing career.

Additional reporting by Associated Press