Andre Johnson: Wu-Tang Clan say rapper who severed penis and jumped off balcony is 'not affiliated' with group

Rapper was reportedly discovered by RZA

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Wu-Tang Clan have distanced themselves from 'Christ Bearer' rapper Andre Johnson, who cut off his penis before throwing himself over a balcony in LA on Wednesday morning in an apparent suicide attempt.

"Parental Advisory : Don’t Believe The HYPE. This Mother F*cker Ain’t Got Sh*t to do with The WUTANG Brand," the collective posted on their website today, after the initial news  stories about the incident talked up his ties with them and how RZA had discovered him.

Police said Johnson, who works with the group Northstar, attempted self-dismemberment at an apartment in North Hollywood.

The 40-year-old was found lying on the sidewalk with critical injuries at around 1am and rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, according to TMZ.

Attempts to re-attach his penis were unsuccessful.


It is not yet clear what caused Johnson to attempt suicide, with two witnesses telling the gossip site he hadn't used "any hard drugs that would cause him to do such a thing."

Johnson apparently leapt without warning, and by the time other people living in the building made it downstairs to find out what was going on, he was running around screaming.

wu.JPGA man who was inside the apartment went Johnson jumped told TMZ "there was most definitely blood", adding of his motive: "He must have had a lot on his mind, that ain't something normal."

The incident comes just 24 hours after Johnson released new music video "OOOH!" with Rugged Monk and Black Knight