Beyoncé is crazy in love with her own movie


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Warbling, it appears, just isn't enough for some singers. Beyoncé is the latest musician who has turned director with a documentary about (what else?) herself, for the US network HBO.

Slated for transmission in the US in February, it promises fans behind-the-scenes access, and a peek into how the 31-year-old balances motherhood, running a business... and booty-shaking.

And Kula Shaker's Crispian Mills cast poor Simon Pegg in one of the turkeys of the year, A Fantastic Fear of Everything. But Plan B did better with his well-received directorial debut, Ill Manors. Ice T directed the fascinating Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap, while the Wu-Tang Clan's RZA helmed Far Eastern fisticuffs flick The Man With the Iron Fists. Meanwhile Madonna directed the epic W.E.

Delve into the archives and you find more nuggets: former Beatle Ringo Starr directed a 1972 portrait of Marc Bolan called Born To Boogie. Pocket-sized popstrel Prince is the director of two obscure films – 1986's Under The Cherry Moon, and 1990's Graffiti Bridge.