Birthdays: Tony Blair and Grame Souness – separated in the maternity ward?


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Once a fine leader of men with a reputation for steamrolling opponents, he’s now reduced to occasional punditry appearances commenting on his successor’s flaws and weaknesses. But that’s enough about Graeme Souness, the former Liverpool and Rangers player and manager (b. 6/5/1953).

Souness shares his birthday with one Anthony Charles Lynton Blair – the former PM, who also celebrated six decades on this mortal  coil today.

Presumably not with Souness, but with the thing you’d suspect he would have liked most: someone suggesting he should save British politics. Namely political commentator, Iain Martin, who also pointed out on Twitter that Blair and Souness were born in the same city, Edinburgh. And although the idea of some kind of moustache-fuelled Blood Brothers-type confusion sounds fun, it’s also unlikely, as Blair would never be so straight-talking as Souness.

And Souness – who almost caused a civil war in Turkey when he planted a Galatasaray flag in Fenerbahce’s pitch – would probably have thought invading Iraq “a bit much”.