Cheryl Cole promises fans she's OK

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Cheryl Cole is "broken-hearted" to know her fans have been concerned about her.

The 27-year-old singer - who was sensationally axed from the US 'X Factor' last month - explained while she has had the "weirdest few weeks", she has enjoyed finally having the time to "chill" with her friends and family.

In a message to fans on her official website, she said: "I have had the weirdest past few weeks (nothing unusual there though.) I wouldn't even know how to begin to tell you all about it.

"I have had the time that I have not had in so long to just chill with my loved ones and do the normal things that I like to do. See my friends and family and be with my doggys. It feels long overdue and sooooo good, even my feet are happy to not have to wear a pair of high heels hehe.

"It also breaks my heart a little when i hear that some of you worry about me and need to know that I am ok, so I want to PROMISE you that I am absolutely fine and more than OK! (sic)"

Meanwhile, England soccer player Ashley Cole - who she divorced in September 2010 amid revelations of multiple affairs - has reportedly claimed the couple getting back together is a "done deal" after the brunette beauty spent the night at their former marital home in Surrey, South East England.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Ashley gave a lost and hurt woman, whom he still loves, a place to lay her head. It reminded her of a happier time. It was masochistic of her and clever of him. He'd do anything to woo her back. Her PR team insist it is platonic but they are very worried.

"None of this would have happened if she hadn't lost 'The X Factor' gig. She has gone from being incredibly busy to having time on her hands. She has been thinking a lot and was feeling extremely vulnerable when she went to Ashley's."