David Cameron and Al Murray are ‘distant cousins’ family records show

The pair are related, equally randomly, through 19th century Vanity Fair writer William Thackeray

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One’s a pint-swigging right-wing loudmouth, the other’s the British Prime Minister.

But both are of the same stock, according to newly-released family records.

Comedian Al Murray and David Cameron are distant cousins related, equally randomly, through 19th-century Vanity Fair writer William Thackeray.

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The unlikely link was uncovered after some 2.5 million files on Europeans living in India from 1698 to 1947 were researched.

As it turns out, Mr Cameron’s great-great-great-great-grandfather (count the greats) was Talbot Shakespear, a senior civil servant for the East India Company.

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Shakespear was also the uncle to Murray’s great-great-great-grandfather Thackeray, which makes the pair distant cousins.

The India Office’s records on Shakespear also contained a list of his possessions and details of his fortune, which is apparently worth £57m in today’s money.

The genetic link could be the first of many to be revealed, as website findmypast.co.uk make the records publicly available for the first time this week.

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Files on individuals of note include writers Rudyard Kipling and George Orwell.