Hollywood stars and their unreasonably priced cars


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Kim Kardashian has a new ride. The implausibly famous reality star claims she is the first to get a set of keys to the £120,000 Mercedes G63 AMG.

It will join a hefty collection already sitting in her garage including Rolls- Royces, a Bentley and a Ferrari.

And it seems that Ms Kardashian is not alone in her tastes. Once the car celebrities wanted to be seen cruising the boulevards of Beverly Hills was small and green, a Toyota Prius perhaps. Now the trend appears to be shifting towards traditional concepts of big-engined luxury.

Last week, Lana Del Rey was announced as the new "face" of the Jaguar F-type sports car, which will be revealed next month.

And the "Video Games" singer is not the only pouting celebrity to get in on the act. Earlier this year Victoria Beckham designed a special edition, £80,000 Range Rover Evoque, which, she said, "reflects my personality".

And that personality, like those of her fellow famous female petrolheads, apparently needs a big car to drive it around.