Jason Gardiner: I'm appalled with Sharron Davies

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Jason Gardiner has revealed he is "appalled" with Sharron Davies' behaviour, accusing her of showing "disrespect" to pros Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean.

The Dancing On Ice judge, who was cleared by TV watchdog Ofcom over his jibe towards the former Olympic swimmer, minced no words when discussing how Sharron went against the show mentors' advice, picking a different song for their performance.

"I was appalled by her disrespect to Torvill and Dean, I cannot believe they allowed it - what she did has never happened before in the history of Dancing On Ice," he told The Sun.

Jason continued: "I just find her a disgrace. Her very actions snubbed them both and made a mockery of what they do and how hard they work. They've been putting this show together for five years and they play to the celebrities' strengths."

But Sharron - who got the boot from the competition - fired back, saying: "I just knew the shoulder wouldn't do another fast routine this week. It was a choice between the show and the shoulder, and the shoulder has to stay with me for the rest of my life.

"That was why I made the decision - it wasn't a decision between Jayne and Chris, but me trying to keep myself in the programme with the routine that my shoulder could do."