Kanye West and Kim Kardashian score wedding-themed debut Vogue cover, hell freezes over

The fashion world face palms in unison as the rap and reality TV duo star on the April edition of the US magazine

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Anna Wintour might have woken up to find herself faced with a few new critics this morning.

Because the Vogue US editor appears to have committed the cardinal fashion sin of allowing a one Ms Kim Kardashian and a Mr Kanye West to grace the April 2014 cover of the esteemed title.

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Their debut appearance has been long rumoured, but was largely ill-advised by industry insiders, due to Kardashian's reality TV star status and West's questionable at best foray into the fashion industry with his own car-crash collection, last seen hanging ill-fittingly from his models on the catwalks in Paris in 2011.

Well, now it's actually happened. And so, a large, loud slap rippled through the entire fashion world as they felt the almighty force of a mutual facepalm.


The couple, who are set to get married later this year, were, however, shot by iconic fashion photographer Annie Leibovitz.


They were also shot in the clothes they're probably going to wear for their forthcoming nuptials. So, that's a white wedding dress, then. And a suit.

But without further ado, introducing the bride and groom...


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