Lara Stone has marijuana affected memory

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Lara Stone "can't remember much" because she smoked so much marijuana when she was younger.

The narcotic is legal in the model's home country Holland, and while she thinks it is a "good idea" for the substance to be readily available, Lara - who has previously battled alcoholism - admits she is still suffering from the side-effects.

She said: "You just buy it and smoke it, and that's a good idea - why not? I used to smoke so much pot when I was living here. That's why I can't remember so much! But really, it's just a plant."

The 27-year-old model - who is married to British comedian David Walliams - also spoke of her admiration for the prostitutes of Amsterdam, who are legally allowed to ply their trade.

She told New York Times Style magazine: "The women are their own bosses. They rent their own space, they pay taxes. It's better than standing on the corner like a crack whore. They get more bloody benefits than I do."

Lara grew up in the small town of Mierlo and was relieved to leave as a teenager to pursue her career in Paris.

She said: "I was sick of Mierlo. You can only climb the same bloody tree so many times."

Source: Bang Showbiz