Lindsay Lohan: You know things are bad when Mel Gibson offers to help


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Train wreck with lips, Lindsay Lohan, could certainly do with a little guidance from someone in Hollywood.

Now don't trouble, say, Oprah or Jodie Foster, because help has arrived; and arrived in the form of Mel Gibson, the actor and director who once confessed to drinking five pints of beer for breakfast.

When asked by an interviewer if he had reached out to the troubled actress, he replied, "Yeah, before. I may again. Sure, what the hell?"

It does makes sense; after all, they both share the same criminal lawyer. Plus, he comforted Britney after her breakdown, and look how well she's doing.

Celebs love to "reach out" to younger, troubled stars. Elton, of course, is king (or queen?) of it. In the past he has taken Eminem, Keane's Tom Chaplin and Robbie Williams under his wing when they needed help.

Bryan Adams gave Amy Winehouse the use of his home on the beautiful Caribbean island of Mustique, hoping the escape would help mend her ways.

But back to Lindsay. If you're concerned that Gibson, a man who's as famous for his anti-Semitic rants as his movies, might not be the man for the job, be comforted to know he's not the only one keeping an eye on La Lohan.

It emerged last week that another celebrity Hollywood hell raiser Charlie Sheen has reportedly given her $100,000 (£62,000) to help pay a tax bill. With friends like these, what could go wrong?