Livingstone to marry in shadow of zoo reptile house

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Former London mayor Ken Livingstone has chosen London Zoo as the exotic location for his wedding to his long term partner next month, it was reported today.

Mr Livingstone, who is known to be a keen newt and reptile enthusiast, will be able to tie the knot a stone's throw away from the zoo's reptile house.

The unusual venue offers receptions in a series of different animal houses including the Rainforest Lookout and Gorilla Kingdom.

Newly-wed couples can choose to have their photograph taken in a range of romantic locations including the Bird Pavillion and the Butterfly House.

Mr Livingstone told the Evening Standard: "We are getting married and it will be in London Zoo. It's not a media event - if you try and get in I will set the gorillas on you. We have been looking to get married for years. We decided to do it when we had time, and this seems to be the ideal period."