Paris Hilton loses phone

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Paris Hilton has lost two of her iPhones.

The socialite discovered she was missing two gadgets when she arrived at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in the Philippines last night, but officials believe the communications devices were missing before she arrived in the country.

Connie Bungag, chief of the MIAA's media affairs division, said: "As she was walking the concourse area, she stopped and tried looking for it in her bag. We don't think she lost it here. When she was deplaning, she was already looking for the phones."

Paris is in the Philippines to work on a new venture, partnering with Century Properties to become to official ambassador for their Azure Urban Resort Residences in Manila and to design their Clubhouse.

Century Properties Chief Operating Officer Mr. John Victor R. Antonio said in a statement: "Her unparalleled style that made her a successful businesswoman and a style icon, as well as her zest for living the good life are the qualities that we would like to incorporate into our vacation-inspired residential property,"

Robbie Antonio, managing director of Century Properties, added: "We chose Ms. Paris Hilton because of her exposure to travel and her predisposition to many aspects of design - from fashion, beauty, lifestyle to world-class service. Deciding to work with her was the logical choice as we found no other personality more suited to embody the upscale fashionable beachgoer."

Paris has promised that her design will be "unique and special" for those using the facility

She said: "I look forward to working with Century Properties and feel confident they will develop an amazing and aspirational destination in Azure Urban Resort Residences. I will personally help design The Azure Beach Club, creating a unique and special place that will bring happiness to many people. I'm excited for people to experience it."

She later tweeted: "So proud of my newest business endeavour. So exciting!"

Source: Bang Showbiz