Question Time: Highlights of Russell Brand Vs Nigel Farage

Watch the two face off during last night's hotly anticipated Question Time show

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Billed as the most hotly anticipated television event of the week, yesterday’s Question Time saw comedian turned self-proclaimed revolutionary Russell Brand go head-to-head with Ukip leader Nigel Farage.

With a week of hype leading up to the show, it, predictably, failed to quite live up to its promise, with the rowdy Canterbury audience stealing the show.

However, between the cries of “racist” directed at Farage and the calls for Russell Brand to “stand for parliament”, there were some classic exchanges between the two men as they faced off on issues such as immigration, banker’s bonuses and the nation’s political apathy. 

According to Brand, Farage was “not a cartoon character” but a “poundshop Enoch Powell” that was using immigrants as scapegoats for the country’s problems.

Farage responded by telling Brand that the show was called Question Time and that he should therefore answer the questions put to him by the audience members, while repeatedly asking Brand whether “he was wrong” that the country had become overcrowded and that this was having an impact on public services.


Watch above for all of the best exchanges between Brand and Farage