Rubber-gloved woman grabs Beckham between legs

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England soccer star David Beckham was "surprised" when a female Italian TV presenter made a grab between his legs, his spokesman said today

The midfielder, who is on loan to AC Milan from Los Angeles Galaxy, was giving an interview outside a hotel when Elena Di Cioccio, wearing yellow rubber gloves, moved up to him and touched him between the legs.

The stunt was apparently to "test" whether the 34-year-old former Manchester United player measured up to his photo in Armani advertisements, in which he wears close-fitting underwear.

Beckham looked shaken and backed away at once after being touched by the blonde-haired reporter, a star of the satirical show Le Iene (The Hyenas).

He was being interviewed by a second blonde television presenter when the stunt took place.

Di Cioccio was chased down the street, yelling in Italian "Beckham is small", while being filmed by the show's cameraman.

Simon Oliveira, a spokesman for Beckham, said today: "We have no issue with it. It did surprise him at the time, but David saw it for what it was - harmless fun."

He added: "She didn't actually grab it, it was an attempt. She just got his trouser leg."