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Wanted – the people who make Britain a better place

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The Independent on Sunday has been celebrating ‘happy’ for ages, long before Pharrell Williams created ‘that’ song.

The Happy List is now in its seventh year: it's our annual celebration of the 100 people who enrich our lives (a riposte to other newspapers' slavish championing of those who are just rich). Charity workers, fundraisers, mentors, entertainers and those who perform small and large acts of kindness form our collection – and what makes it so special is that they are nominated by members of the public.

What we are looking for is anyone whose motive is increasing our happiness, rather than feathering their own nest. Those on previous lists include inventors, inspirational teachers, women who have fostered hundreds of children, hedge fund managers who gave it all up to work on deprived estates, hyperactive fund-raisers, and inspirational teachers. Last year included a teenager who sold his football memorabilia to help an ill friend, a nun who provided shelter for sex workers, and cousins who saved a man's hand by preserving it in a bag of frozen Brussels sprouts. Who should be on it this year?

These volunteers, by their nature, are not generally attention-seekers, so we need your help to publicise the search for those who deserve to be celebrated in your area. All we need are a few details, and the reason you’re nominating them. We’ll do the rest. Please send your suggestions – a few details about the person and your reason for nominating them – by email to or by writing to: Lisa Markwell, Editor, The Independent on Sunday, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5HF.

The results will be published in The Independent on Sunday’s Happy List 2014 in mid-May.

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