Sport Relief 2014: Shane Lynch's beard gets more attention than the whole of Boyzone during live performance

"I didn't know Brian Blessed had joined Boyzone," exclaimed bemused viewers who struggled to see Ronan through the thick, wiry facial fuzz

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Poor Ronan Keating and co were all but obscured by Shane Lynch's impressive crop of facial hair during the Sport Relief 2014 BBC One Night of TV.

 The now mature boyband performed their new song, "Everything I Own", on the show, but sadly, few were talking about their dulcet tones on Twitter.

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Instead, all eyes were on Lynch’s impressive hipster beard – as debuted ahead of the show via a revealing selfie he snapped during soundcheck.

"Sport Relief musical bit - Shane from Boyzone: You could lose a badger in that beard. Sweet jesus..." one viewer wrote.

"I didn't know Brian Blessed had joined Boyzone," another exclaimed.


One didn't actually believe that Keating had been successful at all in his reuniting of the 90s Irish boyband: "Ronan Keating was unable to get Boyzone together for Sport Relief, but did manage to find two dads down the pub and a farmer."

Others detected something a little more sinister:

And they do kind of have a point. Here's that selfie again in all its glory:

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